History of the American Soldier

Guilford Court House National Military Park

(10 November 2012)


Members of the 1st North Carolina Artillery and/or Living History and Associates, North Carolina/Virginia I would like to express my thanks for your support of Guilford Court National Military Park's "History of the American Soldier Program."  We had record numbers and met our goals of having a larger presence of ladies, a focused impression of the Boxer Rebellion that included both US Cavalry, 1st Bengal Lancers (British) and Royal Horse Artillery (also players in the Boxer Rebellion.  The weather was great, attendance was up from previous years.  Each and everyone of you helped make this a successful event.  For the second year we awarded the Order of Saint Barbara to PVT Bobby Allen, PVT Dan Cooke and the GCHNMP Ranger Steve Ware, all deserving individuals!!!  Congratulations!  I would like to thank John Ruf and Dr. Pamela McNabb for the photos below:  I would also like to thank Ms Patty Potts who helped with the refreshments, if many of you remember she was here last year with my Mom.



Photos by Dr. Pamela McNab, Living History and Associates and 1st North Carolina Artillery 



Photos by Mr. Gene Stafford 


Updated on 12 May 2013.

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