150th Manassas Living History Comments, Photos and Web links


Well, it was hot, hot and then it got hot!    The 150th Manassas Living History is one of those events you will always talk about around the campfire.   It was hot, 100 degrees was the cool part of the day.   Up and harnessed at 0600 Thursday for a 0800 interview (looked great, just like your Regular ancestors.   Then there was the parade and "THE HILL FROM HELL!"     Great new guys and great new old guys: Bobby, Chase, Dakota, Dusty and Jonathan.  The 6 up, pulling a caisson those are things not seen very often.....then there was the gas balloon.....that didn't get off the ground!    Thanks to all of you for coming, especially thanks to those that pulled equipment and horses.....was good to see the two girls out again!   As Mike says below Shabash!

Mike Trevor, my 1st Bengal Lancer buddy from England said this about the interview, "Looking good on Fox!  I particularly liked the random public who seemed to think that walking in front of the gun was a good idea....  A nicely turned out unit, shabash! I Noticed you have a lady rider on the crew – is “cross dressing” common in the States?  It’s a very emotive subject here."


Photos by SGT Jim Lankford, Living History and Associates and 1st North Carolina Artillery

Photos by Clif Berry (LTC Retired) FCB and Associates
This is the Parade Link on youtube
http://you tube/CKdPvWqMkso
This is the interview on Fox.   There are about 5 ahead of us, simply scroll down until you see a Park Ranger, We will be the next!

Updated on 20 Aug 2011.

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