"Thanksgiving at Colfax" (27 November 2010)


Colfax 2010 was a huge success, the event was well attended.  Sandy Horvath coordinated a basket making project and the raffle which put $100 into the artillery fund, thanks to all who participated in that event.   I would like to thank everyone who brought something to eat or drink.  It was great to see a long lost member from the past Jeremy Graves.  I also hope everyone got to see the hardwork Geanie Slifer has done "scrapbooking" our old photos (history) into those two books.  Geanie thanks for this effort and they looked great!!  Mike Rhyne had a Charlotte paper from 1942 that was very, very interesting to look at....thanks to you Mike for sharing that with us!!  I'd like everyone to remember the Brandt and Summers families as we near the wedding date in December, best wishes and congratulations to Dusty and Erin.  I had wanted to take some specific photographs of our WWII impression and our 1840s Dragoons and Mounted Rifles.  Jim Lankford and Joe Slifer did a great job with these photos which you can see below.  Jim then took photos in the fellowship Hall which are also show below.  We replaced the broken  limber pole and discussed "Living History and Associates."  Thanks to all who came and participated, you made it a fun and successful day.



Photos by Mr. Jim Lankford and Mr. Joe Slifer Living History and Associates

US Army in the 1840s Dragoons and Mounted Rifles
World War II Airborne
Fellowship Hall

Updated on 28 Nov 2010.

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