Article and Photos from the 26 March 2011 Alamance District Merit Badge College held at Alamance Community College
Wow!!! and Thank-you!!!!    Several dreams were realized today and each and everyone of you who were there helped make it happen.   The event will be over when Luis Gonzales folds the parachute for us.   Over 30 folks were envolved in todays events......largest number of ladies we have had out in ages (with them representing the Civil War though WWII, to include both Military and Civilian).   So let's review the events:
God withheld the rain!!!!!
Thanks to Stuart Brandt for coordinating this for us!
Thanks to John Ruf for sending me the link to buy a 1928 Phillips Pack Saddle several years ago....and pushed to make it functional, with help from his kids at school.
SFC Lamont Gould showed us years ago how important and effective a Buffalo Soldier impression can be and Johnny Willams and his brother Patrick partnered with John Ruf to not only demo the pack saddle and machinegun (I know, I know it needs fixing)...they did it as 1930s era Buffalo Soldiers!!!
When we started this Living History and Associates idea we wanted  to include a WWII look what we had - with Sean Dudley and Don Collins taking the led for us, and it was great to include a WWII civilian presence.  This also gave Ric Morrow the chance to do something he loves and is, be a Marine!!!

We also unveiled our newest artillery piece, Joe Slifer's WWII era 81mm Mortar and shell, awesome
Horses were great!
Thanks to all you who pulled trailers....couldn't do it without you!
The parachute deployment needs work but Luis will get us squared away there..... 
Joe and I need to do a better job planning since we have a German impression that we were told not to bring, this will not happen again!!!
Please send me any photos so I can post them to the webpage.
Hope everyone got home safe.....had folks driving back to Augusta, GA, Fredericksburg, VA and from places all over NC.
If you have any comments/suggestions either positive or negative please share those with Joe and I.
Again thanks for your support of this event.
David Stanley

PHOTOS BY JOHN RUF (except the 81mm Mortar photo...)

The first prone photo is an original photo of two soldiers in the  10th Cavalry Regiment's Machinegun Troop


Video on You Tube channel from John Ruf's photo stills, turn up your volume and enjoy:






Updated on 29 Mar 2011.

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