Camp of Instruction


L-R: Commissary SGT Eddie Gray, SGT John Horvath, SGT Don Collins, PVT Dan Cooke, PVT Stuart Brandt, PVT Jeremey Graves, PVT Bob Williams,              CPT David Stanley, and CPL Billy Horne -- Camp of Instruction 2007 -- Camp Marshal




Well if you missed the Camp of Instructions you missed Eddie's food, shooting three live canister rounds into a target nicely placed 65 yards away, and you miss freezing your ass off.  Few showed, but those of us who did had a great time and the effects of the canister round firing were impressive.

Bob Willliams points out the effects of all the canister round "hits" at the Camp of Instructions.

Capt. David L. Stanley, Cmdg.
25 March 2007

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