GMM's Just In Case (15 January 1983 - 27 July 2007)


Capt Stanley on Casey at Colfax

Last evening Casey coliced, the vet came over and flushed her stomach, checked for impaction and gave her mineral oil and Maalox.   She also gave her pain medication to ease the discomfort.   Casey is a tough old bird and she appeared to be ok.   Joyce got up at 6:30 and Casey was standing in the pasture.   Within the next 1 ½ hours she quietly died.

            Flirt was our first Morgan and you “old guys” know what a gem she was.   Shadow was our second horse and although much different she was a gem also….she was mine…Casey was the 3rd horse we bought…I didn’t tell Joyce I had bought her… Gerry Meunier and I had an easy payment deal worked out!  Rebel was born to Casey and on New Year’s Day we had gone out to the farm to see the “herd.”   Feeling quite frisky, the horses were running that morning and rounded the top of the hill in the pasture and Casey knocked Lindsey over and broke her arm….what was remarkable about that was she hopped over Lindsey with her back legs clearly avoiding stepping on her and possibility killing her.   Casey was always there for the kids or their friends to ride…a safe consistent horse for anyone to enjoy.

Casey wasn’t the queen Shadow was…she was Red in a stable of Blacks (please don’t forward this I don’t need Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson or an Indian representative on my ass over color).   Shadow was mine…Flirt was Joyce’s and so Casey always came third, but boy was she bomb-proof.  The only bad habit she had was she only had one speed, full out galloping, something Gerry Meunier had taught her well!   When Jim Lankford joined the unit she became his horse….and if a man ever loved a horse, he loved Casey…I watched him earlier this spring washing her like most of us wash our car…..

When Shadow died, it broke my heart…you can only understand this if you had a pet you were close to!   But there was Casey – ready to go…stepping up to the plate as if to say, “take me, I’m ready!” And for the last four years she has be steady and dependable….. defying both age and death, because she was  about the same age as Shadow….My best memory of her was Fort Branch last year when she stood so calmly while I fired the Spencer carbine over her head and then drove forward at full speed when we attacked the gun…what a girl!

I’ve enjoyed this summer with her….cleaning her up a couple of times and taking a few good rides…I went out the other day and she stepped over to the water bucket and hit it as if to say fill it up…she loved the water…we have swam together many times in ours and other lakes…

Horses was what we founded this artillery unit of ours on….the horses that labored in all conditions to move the guns to do their killing work on the field of combat..   Horses are the only thing that has made us different from any other artillery unit.   Horses like people have personalities and that’s why we have an Ethan that is a bit flighty and a Casey who was steady….

No horse could do the saber course like her….if was almost as if she loved it…she sat me up for each obstacle like she knew what she was doing….I often remarked if I had to go to war on a horse it would be her!

We just buried her, a few yards away from Flirt.  Flirt’s grave is above Casey’s because she was the oldest and our first horse.   Shadow is buried in Moore County on a farm where she was staying when she died.   GMM’s Just-In Case was born on the 15th of January 1983 and died on the 27th of July 2007.   Casey was a great horse, my horse, Jim’s horse, dependable a great mom for Foxy and Rebel….She joins Flirt and Shadow in that giant pasture in the sky where the grass is lush and the water cool and refreshing….their standing there, waiting for us all to join them.


Capt. David L. Stanley, Cmdg.
27 July 2007

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