1859 Sharps Carbine Quirks

1.  When cleaning remove the fore stock - powder will build up under the fore stock and could cause a secondary explosion.

2.  The breech chamber sleeve moves - when cleaning the carbine - this piece will move rearward - it is NOT broken - it is suppose to do this to provide a gas seal when firing.  Just push it back into place before closing the breech.

3.  The breech block needs extensive cleaning to include nipple removal and clean out screw removal - ensure this ignition pathway is clean and dry.  Lightly oil breechblock and be prepared to wipe this oil off prior to firing - a wet breechblock will foul.

4.  Look at the nipple size - Don't replace with a musket nipple it is TOO small - the weapon will misfire.

5.  Sharps users need to carry a small screwdriver for field cleaning.

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