Dragoon Clothing Requirements
and Suggested Shopping List
(as of 18 Jul 00)

1. Headgear:
  a. M-1858 Forage Cap (Quartermaster Shop/Dirty Billy's)
  b. M-1861 McDowell - Bummer Cap (Quartermaster Shop/Dirty Billy's)
  c. M-1858 Hardee Hat (Dirty Billy's)

2. Shelljacket: M-1858 Mounted Service Jacket with orange trim and D buttons (Quartermaster Shop - Buttons from C & D Jardgin)

3. Trousers:
  a. Sky Blue Trousers Mounted or Foot versions (Quartermaster Shop)
  b. M-1858 Dark Blue Trousers (Quartermaster Shop) (For an Early War Impression)

4. Shirt: Any period shirt is fine.

5. Footwear:
  a. Brogan
  b. Boot (ask Sgt. Lankford or Capt Stanley)

6. Vest: Optional

7. Mounted Overcoat: (Quartermaster Shop)

8. Weapons:
  a. M-1859 Sharps Carbine (Fall Creek Suttlery)
  b. M-1860 Colt Revolver (Fall Creek Suttlery)
  c. M-1861 Light Cavalry Sabre (Fall Creek Suttlery)

9. Personal Cavalry Items:
  a. Carbine Sling and Snap Hook (Doug Kidd)
  b. Sabre Belt M-1851 (Doug Kidd)
  c. Carbine Cartridge Box (Doug Kidd)
  d. M-1851 Belt Buckle (Doug Kidd)
  e. Calvary Canteen (Doug Kidd)
  f. Pistol Holster (Doug Kidd)
  g. Cap Box (Doug Kidd) 
  h. Pistol Box (extra rounds for you pistol) Optional (Doug Kidd)
  i. Sabre Knot (Doug Kidd)

10. Saddles: (Two options here: early war - Grimsley (more expensive) - early war to late war: 1859 McClellan): PLEASE DON'T BUY THE EARLY DRAGOON WHITE LEATHER EQUIPMENT

  a. 1847 Grimsley Saddle (Doug Kidd)
   1) Dragoon Halter
   2) Lead Strap
   3) Dragoon Model Crupper
   4) Blue Surcingle
   5) Headstall with enlisted Rosettes
   6) Reins
   7) Dragoon Blanket
   8) Dragoon Link Strap
   9) Carbine bucket
 10) Grimsley Horseshoe Pouch
 11) Blue Wool Valise (with the Letter K)
 12) Gauntlets
 13) Enlisted Dragoon Bit
 14) 1840-1865 Watering Bit
 15) Single Holster with Pouch
 16) 1840-1865 Breast Strap with brass Heart)

  b. 1859 McClellan Saddle (Doug Kidd)
   1) 1859 McClellan Saddle
   2) 1859 Headstall with US Rosettes
   3) Enlisted reins
   4) 1847-72 Halter
   5) Lead strap
   6) Link strap
   7) 1840-1865 Breast Strap with embossed eagle in a brass heart
   8) Crupper
   9) CW Steel Picket Pin
 10) Lariat
 11) Surcingle
 12) Carbine Socket
 13) 1859 Saddle Bags
 14) CW Feed Bag
 15) Military Bit (Get the Stainless 1859 bit)
 16) 1840-1865 watering bit

11. Suttlers:

The Quartermaster Shop
5565 Griswold Road
Kimball, MI 48074
(810) 367-6702

Dirty Billy's Hats
430 A Baltimore Street
Gettysburg, PA 17315
(717) 334-3200
Mail Order
7574 Middleburg Road
Detour, MD 21757
(410) 775-1865

Fall Creek Suttlery
P.O. Box 92
Whitestown, IN 46075
(765) 482-1861

Border States Leatherworks (Doug Kidd)
1158 Apple Blossom Lane
Springdale, Arkansas 72762
(501) 361-2642

C & D Jarnagin Company
PO Box 1860
Corinth, MS 38834-1860
(662) 287-4977

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