Attention Horsemen!

Not interested in joining the Artillery?

Then the Dragoons is the home for you! Redesignated the 2nd Cavalry, in August of 1861, the 2nd Dragoons refused to abandon the orange trim on their uniforms that designated them as Dragoons. They actually bought the orange trim tape and were able to keep their colors until 1863. The goal of Company K, 2nd Dragoons (Cavalry), was to accurately portray these horse soldiers by training to perform the traditional Dragoon/Cavalry missions both on and off the horse.

Ever ridden a saber course? We have about 1/4 of one reconstructed and in use!

Tired of the traditional saber clanking charges? We plan to meet those charges with dismounted troopers and Sharps Carbines!

Want to work with horse drawn artillery?  We are the place for you!

If you're interested, please fill out our Membership form or email Capt. Stanley.

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