Making 1859 Sharps Carbine Ammo

SUPPLIES: Sharps carbine breech chamber sleeve; gunpowder grain measurer; Elmer's glue; 8 1/2x11" 20lb bond copying paper; cream of wheat; 1"wide masking tape; ruler; 1/2" diameter dowel; marking pen & pencil; scissors; FF powder.

DIRECTIONS: Take sleeve out of carbine. Wrap 3 bands of masking tape evenly around dowel going 3"down. Place 1 piece of 2 1/2" square paper over the tape. Slide carbine sleeve over both tape and paper, checking for a close fit. Remove sleeve. Roll paper around tape on the dowel again, leaving a flap of about 1/4" exposed. Place a small thin line of Elmer's glue the length of the flap & press closed. Carefully remove paper cylinder from dowel, set aside to dry. After paper cylinder is dry, slide it back over the dowel and make 3 marks as follows: make a 1/2" mark (or line) down from top. From this mark, make another 1/2" line. From the second line, mark 1" further down. Sliding the cylinder up to the 1st mark made, fold in one side, glue; fold in the other side, glue. Allow to dry.  Take powder measurer, measure 35 grains of cream of wheat, pour into cylinder, coat with a light coat of glue leaving upright to dry. This should equal another 1/2" on the cylinder. Pour in 65 grains of FF powder (this should equal 1" height on cylinder). Hold filled cylinder, at the last mark made, fold over, glue one side; fold in again, glue for a secure seal. Set aside to dry. BOLDLY MARK THE END WITH THE CR OF WHEAT AS THIS IS THE END THAT GOES INTO THE CHAMBER FIRST.

YOU'RE DONE! Test in carbine & FIRE. 
top of paper cylinder
1/2" fold mark
1/2"cream of wheat (35 grains)
1"FF powder (65 grains)
1/2"fold mark

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