Saddling/Harnessing an Artillery  Horse

Artillery Harnesses

        There are a number of techniques in saddling an artillery horse. Below are the methods used by Reilly's Battery which include preparation, awareness, and steps in saddling/harnessing.

1. Preparation. Do the following steps prior to saddling the horse.

    a. Conduct Artillery Horse Care. (See Artillery Horse Care)

    b. Assemble horse equipment in one area. Equipment includes:

2. Awareness. To make the saddling and harnessing process run smoothly, it is necessary for both the handler(s) and horse to feel comfortable. Below are some of the common actions that should be kept in mind throughout the saddling/harnessing process.

3. Steps in saddling/harnessing. Follow the procedures below.

Saddle/Harness the Horse

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Step 1 (38KB)Step 1. Introduce yourself to the horse.

Talking calmly and confidently, introduce yourself to the horse. Let the horse see and smell the items that you will put on him - in this case, the artillery horse blanket is being introduced to the horse.

Step 2 (44KB)Step 2. Place blanket on horse.

Blanket should be smooth without wrinkles or lumps. Ensure the "X" portion of red stripes is on the left-rear side of the horse, as shown. Click here to see the steps in folding the artillery horse blanket.

Step 3a (36KB)mvc-017f.jpg (33267 bytes)Step 3.

Place Collar on horse.

Step 4. Place Saddle and Harness on horse.

In this case, we are mounting a saddle and harness for an off horse, wheel pair. The saddle, harness, hames, tugs, and rear brakes are pre-attached together - see a photo of this saddle system. When placing the saddle "system" on the horse, work on the left side

Step 4a (38KB)
mount saddle/harness

Step 4b (42KB)
unfold rear brakes and tugs

Step 4c (44KB)
place hames over collar

Step 5. Secure Hames to Collar.

mvc-004f.jpg (43735 bytes)  Step 5a (42KB)  Step 5c (28KB)

Step 6. Secure Crupper.

Step 6 (49KB)

 Step 7. Secure Saddle.

Step 7 (46KB)

 Step 8. Secure Front Brakes with Rear Brakes.

 Step 8a (51KB)  Step 8b (49KB)
Work on left side first, thread front brakes through hames and secure to rear brakes.

Step 8c (54KB)  Step 8d (48KB)
Do the same for the right side

Step 8e (49KB)

 Step 9. Place bit in horses mouth.

(to be added)

Artillery Harnesses