"History of the American Soldier" In honor of Veteran's Day (13 November 2010)

(Part I)


Guilford Courthouse National Military Park


I would like to thank Stephen Ware and the staff of Guilford Courthouse National Military Park and the 15 members of Living History and Associates and Reilly's Battery for taking part in yesterday's event in the Park "In Honor of Veteran's Day.  The idea to host an event like this is simply outstanding as reenactors and Marines from Greensboro established a military time line that stretched from the American Revolutionary War up to the present conflict in Iraq and Afganistan.   Dusty Summers was a Mounted Rifleman from the Mexican War Period, Jim Lankford was a Dragoon from the same time frame.  John Horvath, Billy Horne, Danyel Moose, Jack Page, Dan Cooke, Mike Rhyne were artillerymen from the American Civil War.  Stuart Brandt was a US Cavalryman from the Indian Wars (1885).  David Stanley was the Commander of the 10th Cavalry from the Spanish American War.  Joyce Stanley broke out her WWII Army Nurse Uniform for the first time and Don Collins was an 82nd Airborne Paratrooper and Sean Dudley was a British Paratrooper from World War II.  We welcomed Ed Rhew back to complete our timeline as a soldier from the Viet Nam War an impression I want to continue to develop as we have several Veterans of this war in our unit.  Sandy Horvath was present in Civil War Women's attire, and demonstrating her basket weaving skills.  Lizzie Page along with Morgan and Abby Moose were present leaning a hand as needed.  We took the gun with Billy Horne and Danyel Moose driving over in front of the Nathaniel Greene Monument for a photograph with all the participants.  We then drove the guns down to the site of the third American during the Battle of Guilford Courthouse and stopped where General Cornwallis's artillery would have been in place when he ordered them to fire on this own men to get them to break off the engagement.  Our participation represented over 50% of the total display.  The Park support was outstanding, and Mother Nature's cooperation was also appreciated.  A Great Day to Honor American Veteran's Past and Present.  -- David Stanley


Photos by Mr. Jim Lankford, Living History and Associates


Updated on 25 Feb 2012.

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