History of Battery E

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Battery E
(Wilmington Light Artillery)
10th North Carolina State Troops
(1st Regiment North Carolina Artillery)

        On August 23, 1861 this battery, known as the "Wilmington Light Artillery," was mustered into State service at Camp Boylan, near Raleigh, for the war and designated Company E, 10th Regiment N. C. State Troops (1st Regiment N. C. Artillery). Seven days later, on August 30, it was transferred to Confederate States service. The official designation was used infrequently, and the battery was more often referred to as "Moore’s Battery," being commanded by Captain Alexander D. Moore. Later when 1st Lieutenant John O. Miller was promoted to Captain, when Moore resigned to accept the colonelcy of the 66th Regimental N. C. Troops, August 3, 1863, the battery became know as "Miller’s Battery."

        The battery remained at Raleigh for want of guns until October 1861 when it was supplied with six brass field pieces and sent to Wilmington. From Wilmington it was ordered to Coosawhatchie, South Carolina, where it remained from November 1861 through March 16, 1862 when I was ordered back to Wilmington. From Wilmington it was ordered to Kinston where it arrived on April 20 - 21, 1862. It remained in eastern and northeastern North Carolina as an unattached artillery company until assigned to Major General Robert Ransom’s Division July 18, 1863. Within the divisional organization the battery was attached to Major Edgar F. Moseley’s Battalion of Artillery. When Ransom’s Division was ordered to the Army of Northern Virginia, the artillery remained within the Department of North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia. In December 1863 the battery was reported at Weldon, North Carolina, equipped with eight pieces of artillery.

        In June 1864 the artillery battalions within the Department of North Carolina and Southeastern Virginia were placed under the chief of artillery of the department when not attached to a brigade, division, or corps. Company E, 10th Regiment N. C. States Troops (1st Regiment N. C. Artillery), now known as "Miller’s Battery," equipped with four 10-pounder Parrotts, remained in Moseleys’ Battalion of Artillery. The battalion, serving in the lines at Petersburg and between the city and Richmond, alternated between direct attachment to a parent unit and control by departmental headquarters. When Major Moseley was killed on December 16, 1864, Major Joseph G. Blount was promoted to command the battalion which became known as "Blount’s Battalion of Artillery."

        When Lee evacuated Petersburg on April 2, 1865 "Miller’s Battery" joined the retreating army and was surrendered by General Lee at Appromattox Court House, Virginia, April 9, 1865.

Reference: North Carolina Troops 1861-1865 - A Roster edited by Manarin and Jordan.
Compiled and Edited by: Lisa Van Goethem and David Stanley.

Campaign History of Battery E  |  Unit Histories