Carolina Legion

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The birth of the Carolina Legion began in 1995 while units of the 2nd North Carolina Battalion were conducting a living history at the Appomattox National Historic Park. These units, the 6th NCST, the 26th NCT and the 49th NCT, agreed to recruit and field two battalions of infantry by the year 2000. The 10th NCST agreed to field a section of horse drawn artillery. The 25th NCT and the 37th Virginia Cavalry have also joined the Carolina Legion. The 5th NC Cavalry was approached at a later date and challenged to field a unit.

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At the 135th Gettysburg Reenactment the old 2nd North Carolina Battalion was inactivated and the Carolina Legion was officially activated. During the Civil War several Legions were formed, most were broken up and sent to serve with their respective branches.

The Carolina Legion allows us to demonstration the integration of  "combined arms operations" at reenactments. The ability to serve together as a combat team has already proven its value at Fort Branch and Averasboro, North Carolina where infantry and artillery were mutually supportive in combat operations. This integration of maneuver and firepower allows us to overwhelm opposing forces and destroy them quickly and efficiently.

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