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Civil War Artillery

Sites about Artillery Guns, Ammo, firing drills, etc.
The Civil War Artillery Page (hosted by Chuck Ten Brink)
Civil War Artillery - The Projectiles
Field Artillery in the Civil War

National Safety Rules & Procedures for Shooting Muzzleloading Artillery
Horse drawn Artillery Reenactor sites.
The California Historical Artillery Society -
home of 3rd US Artillery - Battery L/M.
Other Artillery related sites.
The Civil War Artillery Page - List of Reenactment Units
Battery B, 4th U.S. Light Artillery
Civil War Artillery WebRing - links to Civil War Artillery related Web sites. -
This is an outstanding site with photos and drawnings of the WW1 limber and associated tack


Other Civil War Reenactor Links
Members of the Carolina Legion
The Carolina Legion Web Site

25th North Carolina Infantry Regiment

26th Regiment North Carolina Troops  | see The Rebel Boast - Online
Field Music of the Carolina Legion -
The Fifes and Drums of the Old North State.
Other Reenactors
The Civil War Reenactors
Links to Other Civil War Sites - from Camp Chase Gazette


General Civil War Links

From the National Park Service (NPS)
Heritage Preservation Services - battle summaries & other historic events.
From Universities/Colleges
The American Civil War -
Dakota State University
The United States Civil War Center -
Louisiana State University
U.S. Civil War -
Canadian Forces College

Confederate Regimental Histories - by Dr. Kenneth Jones, Tarleton State University
Union Regimental Histories - by Dr. Kenneth Jones, Tarleton State University
Other Informative Sites
Library of Congress - Selected Civil War Photographs
North Carolina Civil War Home Page
- timelines, battle descriptions, documents, and links.
The Civil War Home Page - good source of information, links and articles/news.
The History Net - Civil War Pages
America's Civil War Magazine


Clothing and Equipment Sutlers
Fair Oaks Sutler - uniforms and miscellaneous equipment.
Border States Leatherworks - they manufactured our harness and saddles.
South Bend Replicas, Inc. - they manufactured our gun and rifle barrels.

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