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What is Living Histories and Associates?



What is an American – as seen by some members of Living Histories and Associates?

What can Living Histories and Associates provide your Elementry, Middle or High School

What can Living Histories and Associates provide your Junior Reserve Officers Training Unit?

What can Living Histories and Associates provide your Cub or Boy Scout Unit?

How to request/reserve a Program

Timeframe’s Available

o   Roman Legionaries (Under Development)

o   American Revolutionary War (Currently 17th Light Dragoons,  a Continental Impression is being developed)

o   War of 1812 (Under Development)

o   Mexican War (Dragoon and Artillery)

o   Civil War (Artillery, Cavalry, Dragoon and Infantry for both Confederate and Federal.  Program can include ladies in period clothing, basket weaving,  cooking or ridding in a period side saddle)

o   American Indians War (3rd, 9th and 10th Cavalry)

o   Spanish American War (3rd, 9th and 10th Cavalry and a Generic Infantry)

o   Boxer Rebellion (Cavalry and Infantry)

o   World War 1 (Military Aviation Under Development)

o   World War 2 (US Airborne both 82nd and 101st and Military Aviation is under Development, also under development WAC) (German Airborne, Tanker in both the black and camo uniform)

o   Korean Conflict (Infantry)

o   Viet Nam (Infantry)

o   Operation Desert Storm/Shield (Infantry and Medical)

o   Operation Iraqi Freedom (Infantry and Medical)

o   Operation Enduring Freedom (Infantry and Medical)

o   Current Middle Eastern Operations (Infantry and Medical)


Special Programs:

o   Weapons Demonstrations

§  Revolutionary War Flint Lock

§  Mexican War/Civil War Percussion Cap (Rifle and Pistol)

§  Early Cartridge firing weapons

§  M-1 Grenade Launcher

§  1919 Machine gun Firing with 1928 Phillips Pack Saddle and horses

o   World War 2 Leadership drill with 1/16 scale tanks

o   Civil War “mini-reenactment” with live cannon firing

o   Civil War Saber Course Demonstration with Horse

o   Special Request

o   US Railroading (logging, passenger and freight service both steam and diesel)

o   WWII Naval Operations is under development










Updated on 20 Nov 2010.

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