30 Caliber Machinegun packed on a Phillips Packsaddle




Welcome to our newest page.   We have decided to add yet another "diversion" impression to our bag of horse tricks.  When the machinegun was introduced and integrated into all branches of the Army the Cavalry "packed" their guns.  In 1924 they began to pack the guns on the newly introduced "Phillips Pack Saddle."    In the photos above you can see both the 1917(watercooled) and 1919 (aircooled) machineguns on the Phillips.   We have the saddle and semi-auto guns and plan to field a machinegun section (two guns).  It is our intent to field this unit for the first time on the 26th of March at Alamance Community College and to do it as the Machine Gun Troop of the 10th United States Cavalry Regiment "Buffalo Soldiers."  Below you see two original photos of 10th Cavalry Machine Gun Troopers and our 1935 impression with Johnny and Patrick Williams.

Updated on 06 Mar 2011.

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