Back on 14-15 Oct. we traveled to Petersburg National Battlefield with the 26th NC Inf. to participate in a great living history event. Due to conflicting schedules and injuries we only had 7 personnel present but we still carried the day. We set up on the actual battlefield only 100 yds from Ft. Stedman. On Sat. we gave 2 public speaking sessions on the use of Horse Drawn Artillery and how it was used in battle. Sgt.Lankford gave these lectures and did an outstanding job as he kept the crowds interest on the different aspects of artillery usage.
            On Sat. we had an unexpected surprise as we were inspected by a Park ranger on the techniques of our drill, we performed admirably but it made me think a little more about doing gun drill correctly which is something we need to be aware of at any event. On Sunday we were able to participate in something that will truly be a highlight. We were able to move the guns into the gun
emplacements of Ft. Stedman and fire at an imaginary force. This had not been done in over 145 years. In closing Sgt. Grey kept the troops well fed and  well entertained. You have no want of anything when his commissary dept. is on hand.


On 28 Oct The 5th US Arty was in force at Averasboro Battlefield for low a impact battle with 8 personnel present. Many demos were given along with Capt. Stanley attacking the saber course at full gallop. None of the attacking force survived his attack except for a lone South Carolina trooper who left the field in a full run. Ms. Sandy Horvath gave basket weaving
demos for the public with 2 other lovely assistants.  That afternoon the battle began and the troops went into action. The Horses
performed beautifully and moved the gun into action with vigor. They initially were driven back but came back in force and drove the opposing force from the field. This was a small event but a great time and the event organizers made sure that the 5th USís Horses were seen by the public as we intermingled with them during the battle and throughout the day.




SGT Don Collins