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Web Site Changes

14 May 2011 - Virginia Horse Council's Legislative weekend at Stratford Hall 19 April 2011: 15 April Living History at Noble Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina
14 May 2011 - Added Link to the1st Bengal Cavalry "Skinner's" Horse 3 April 2011: Updated 2011 Schedule
24 May 2011: Added 19 May Union High School Event, and 21/22 May Events in Raleigh and Fayetteville 30 March: Article and Photos of Alamance District Merit Badge College (Alamance Communnity College Living History
18 June 2011: Added 18 June Training Day at Colfax 22 February: Camp of Instruction Photographs
25 June 2011: Added Ida Rankin Elementary School Living History on the 9th of June, 2011by Mike Rhyne 22 February: Reedy Creek Middle School Living History
26 July 2011: Added some photos and links for the 150th Manassas Living History 23 January 2011: "The Library"
18 August 2011: Added more photos from the 19 May Union High School Event 3 January 2011: The Wall of Honor stood up
26th October 2011: Photos from the 22nd October Living History at Appomattox Court House

27 November 2010: Thanksgiving at Colfax
12 November 2011: Salute to the American Soldier at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park -- Photos by Gene Stafford and Dr. Pamela McNabb 20 November 2010: Living History and Associates
  19 November 2010: Photos from the Past 1996 - Colfax, Battlefield Bed and Breakfast and the Paulson's
2012 Event Schedule 15 November 2010: 145th Gettysburg Photos
  13 November 2010: History of the American Soldier - Guilford Court House National Park
26 July - TAPS --To Be Published 6 November 2010: 3rd Annual Colfax Persimmon Festival
26 July - Tribute to Gemini and Traveler 31 October 2010: 1840s at the Fayetteville Arsenal
  5 October 2010: Updated Schedule
3 September 2012 - Updated schedule and photos of the 2 September training day at Eastover 27 September 2010: Malcolm Blue Article & Pictures
  15 May 2010: Union High School Living History Program - CSM (Retired) Al Mckoy
3 November 2012 - Colfax Persimmon Festival 11 May 2010: Appomattox Pictures
  8 April 2010: April 2010 Newsletter
10 November 2012: Salute to the American Soldier at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park -- Photos by Gene Stafford and Dr. Pamela McNabb 27 February 2010: Bentonville Aerial Photo
  29 November 2009: November 2009 Newsletter
20 January 2013: 2013 Event Schedule  29 November 2009: 2010 Event Schedule
  5 April 2009: 2009 Event Schedule
20 January 2013: 150th Antietam Photo 22 January 2008: 2008 Event Schedule
  27 July 2007: Casey Eulogy
27 April 2013: Grand Opening of the Stafford County Civil War Park 23 June 2007: Updated Schedule - Training Weekend 4 August - Eastover, NC
  23 June 2007: Added Don Collins article on  "DTV"
4 May 2013: Eastover, NC Heritage Day Parade

9 May 2013: Living History at Noble Academy in Greensboro, NC
25 March 2007: Added Photos from the "Camp of Instruction"
10 May 2013: Living History at Union High School in Rosehill, NC 22 January 2007: Added Bob Williams researched  articles on "Cannoneer's Armament"
25 May 2013: Memorial Day Remembrance, Living History at Bennett Place State Historic Site 22 January 2007: Added Don Collins's articles on "Petersburg and Averasboro"
15-16 June: Gettysburg Training, Eastover, NC 21 January 2007: Added  Allison Woods Photos
3-7 July: 150th Gettysburg Reenactment 14 January 2007: Added John Stewart's article on  "Fort Branch"


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