Rolling Thunder 
Newsletter for the
10th North Carolina State Troops
(1st Regiment North Carolina Artillery)

Volume X1I, Issue 1 April 2010


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145th Bentonville

     It was great to see all of you that came out to the 145th Bentonville.    The new guys Chad Kerley and James Clark certainly were immersed in Civil War Reenacting this weekend .   It was also great to see Don Collins in his annual appearance with us and Rex Kennedy's appearance late Saturday was a pleasant surprise also.  With Virginia transforming into Virgil and Joe Slifer bringing his neighbor Kyle Faltisco, who will be attending the Naval Academy in the fall, we had enough to crew two guns on Sunday.  The last character to reappear in our company was John Ruf and his lovely friend Pat.   Pat was a former Morgan horse owner and fell in love with our herd. John is always a pleasure to have in camp and as he demonstrated again on Sunday, he is one helluva wheel horse driver. They created a slide show that I'll post when I figure out how.  Lastly, and quite the contributor ,Terry Routh also joined us for the weekend.    Many of you have seen the wonderful photos he took when he so generously sent them to all of us.   Some of those are posted below.

     Most of you arrived Friday afternoon and early evening and moved into the camp site we have occupied for several events.  Water troughs in the camp area and hay close by was a sign that Lt Vann Seabock had taken care of all of the Carolina Legion's mounted contingent.  Vann came over later in the evening to let us know that we would have to shuttle water from the main watering point several hundred yards from the camp.  Without a grumble you guys went and did what needed to be done to take care of our animals.   

     Stuart Brandt has volunteered to be our cook and I thought he did a great job with plenty of assistance from our ladies.  Sandy Horvath, Geanie Slifer, Virginia Price, Danyel Moose and Amanda Kerley all assisted in the outstanding effort.  Stuart's meal on Saturday night was a wonderful demonstration of his abilities.  Since he wouldn't be doing breakfast, Sandy Horvath stopped and picked us up some of that breakfast food that we all love, yet none need.

    Saturday's battle was interesting, same as every year but because the event was on state property we had to have the gun out on the field to be inspected two hours before the battle.  We were Federal on Saturday and to the NC Park Service's credit they treated us the same both days - two hours early and only being allowed to fire every three minutes.  We used the second gun to our advantage as one crew moved back and forth between them.  We moved the gun once and the team did well with John on wheels and Joel Rhyne and Ric Morrow on lead.  The fight was uneventful with much of it not visible for the crowd that was behind us.  We heard some unhappy comments as we mingled with the crowd on our return trip to camp.    

            Sunday's battle was in the freshly ploughed cotton field and we took the guns out with the trucks.  We hatched an elaborate plan to break camp and meet in the parking lot after the battle.  We moved to the battlefield outside the two hours requirement and were threatened, but allow to stay.  There wasn't much room for maneuver, and the fight went on around us as Federal and Confederate units mingled to reposition themselves for the second phase.  General Stepp's Division led the Confederate advance on our side of the field and met with initial success, but were then driven back in confusion.  John Ruf and Billy Horne moved up to retreat one gun by prolong and in spite of Allen rearing got the gun moved to a location to cover Stepp's Division's withdrawal.    We moved the horses to the parking lot and waited on the guns to be moved by truck and also for all of our equipment that was coming on the gun trailer being pulled by Mike Rhyne.  Several of our men and all our ladies had broken down the majority of the camp and packed it on the trailer to be brought to our location to put in our respective vehicles.   Thanks to ALL who helped in this effort to get us on the road.   After our meeting, we said our good byes and headed for home   


            We all need to continue our commitment to the schedule outlined in the 2010 schedule for us to have a successful year.  Commitment is my expectation of each member of this organization.  Check the website for updates; if you have questions call me at 910-797-1783, or email me at

Many of you know that Ric Morrow's vehicle was towed and he had to pay to get it back.  We are still working that issue to get it resolved.  Remember Mike Wenger in your prayers.  Some of the photos you see below have been hyperlinked and some have not....all will be by early next week.  See you in the field.J

Capt. David L. Stanley, Cmdg.

Appomattox and Beyond

     Starting next weekend we will begin to pick up steam in the reenacting schedule.  We will be at Appomattox (16-18 April), some of us at Union High School and Raleigh Charter High School, then finally at New Bern (remember we will be leaving on Saturday evening to be home for Mother's Day), almost all of these events will be within a month.  

     A reminder for Appomattox, don't bring anything alcoholic to drink.  We have a great reputation with them and I don't want to take any chance of spoiling it.  We were the first gun to fire on site since the war ended, I don't want to do anything to tarnish our reputation with them.  If one member is caught with something we run the risk of being banned from all State and Federal sites, they talk to each other and "bad news travels fast."

     Union High School and Raleigh Charter High School are great events for the kids.   If you can help out, please do so. Betsy Newmark from Raleigh Charter will be leaving the history program after this year, I want to really show our thanks for her support of us.  The Union Event is the Thursday before we go to New Bern, anyone wanting to stay over with me and go down Friday morning is welcome.

    Bentonville served to simply reinforce the need for what we do and the fun we have together. You are a great group of folks and we are good at what we do and we have fun doing it.  Welcome to the new members and their families.  I didn't mention it in the Bentonville article but Lindsey observed that there was a "new" generation of little ones running through the camp and that is as it should be.   Thank-you all for your support!!!!  You make it a great hobby!  Finally thanks to Terry Routh and Virginia Price for the GREAT Photos!










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