Rolling Thunder 
Newsletter for the
10th North Carolina State Troops
(1st Regiment North Carolina Artillery)

Volume XI, Issue I, November 2009


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The Commander's Corner

   Well, yesterday (28 November 2009) was the annual artillery get together at Colfax.   I think attendance was down, but it was still a great time of fellowship as we saw Rex Kennedy and John Stewart for the first time in almost a year. Sandy Horvath had a craft event planned for the ladies while the gentlemen went to a side room.  We discussed the 2010 Schedule as we are projecting it to be through May of 2010.  We committed to continuing our impression through the 150th Battle Anniversaries as long as age, horses and health permits.  We also discussed making a push to support Malcom Blue in 2010 since it is a "MAJOR" money maker for us.  We will work to add a significant Cavalry presence to this event for 2010 in addition to the cannon presence. 

     I introduced the idea to began to chronicle the unit's history since we began sometime in 1993/94 until now and to publish this in a booklet form, with pictures.  The idea was well received and several stories were told that will need to be incorporated into the publication.  This project is not one we plan to put on one person, I'll put it together and format it, but the stories will be those of you the unit members.   

     We then rejoined the ladies and had a wonderful lunch meal with one of the many highlights being the Boston Butts that Dan Cooke prepared and donated to the event.  Thanks to Dan and all the other contributions this meal was a success.

    Sandy Horvath then conducted the raffle, and Bobby Allen once again did quite well.  Thanks to all who participated in this event, it provided enough money to pay the church and put $155.00 in our account.  After some wonderful fellowship we all headed our separate ways.       

            I am asking all of you to pay your dues promptly this year by sending $30.00 to Sam Prestipino at 9250 Bruckhaus Street #311, Raleigh, NC 27617.  Please make your checks payable to the 26th NCT.   Let’s get this done quickly folks; this money goes to support all of us and our operations during the year.           


            We all need to make a commitment to the schedule outlined in the 2010 schedule for us to have a successful year.  Commitment is my expectation of each member of this organization.  Lastly Joyce, Leah, Lindsey and myself want to wish each of you and your families a very safe, healthy and Merry Christmas!

            Check the website for updates; if you have questions call me at 910-797-1783, or email me at

See you in the field.J

Capt. David L. Stanley, Cmdg.

145th Cedar Creek - 16-18 October 2009

     The weather forecast was ominous: rain; hard rain; mixed with more rain.  We decided to go, it was the major event for the year and we knew we would be ok; still Cedar Creek and the 1st North Carolina Artillery have had "issues". 

     We began arriving on Friday afternoon (16 October) and the conditions really were not too bad.  We had been communicating by cell phone and Virginia and Gary got there first and found our location and then guided the rest of us into the site.  We established the picket line and set up the camping area.  All the guys and gals arrived before early evening and the camp was established.  We welcomed John Ruf back to the fold, John Horvath brought his son ....and Ric Morrow drove from Georgia to experience his first "East Coast Mega Event!"  We all parked our vehicles and went "suttlering"!  No one bought anything significant and after eating we returned to camp.

     Saturday morning dawned and had all the promise of a wet day.   Wet for us isn't bad, it is however bad for the horses pulling a 1 ton gun and limber on the very, very rocky ground of Cedar Creek.  We ate with the 26th and began to prepare for the day's event.  Rounds to be rolled, meetings to attend and finally in the early afternoon we harnessed and hooked up and headed to the marshalling area to do the one thing all armies do, hurry up and wait!  As we waited the much forecasted rain arrived and though light, was still wet, with the temperatures in the 50s.   We pulled out behind the 26th with the idea of supporting their flank as they moved across the field, but again all the best plans go awry.   We limbered up and pulled behind the Confederate gun line and move to support the attack from a different angle, we helped push a federal battery back, fired into a collapsing Federal Battalion and after firing about 21 rounds headed back to camp.  The gun crew had done an outstanding job and the horses had done ok for their first major event of the year.  After all these years it is still a high to move that gun, in bad conditions and bring fire on the enemy......even if it is just reenacting!

    We unlimbered and got everyone on the picket line and the harness in the dry and began to discuss the merits of going home or staying.  The rain had become steady and the ground conditions for horsedrawn artillery were simply getting worse.  We tabled the decision to the next morning and went our separate ways to stay dry. The rain stopped during the evening, but still Sunday was cold and very wet, so we decided to leave.  Now leaving a wet Cedar Creek is always an adventure, but we learned at Shiloh years ago that if we stuck together and worked to get everyone out at the same time, things seemed to go better.  Gunners went and got their 4-wheel drive vehicles and Mike got the gun trailer and we broke camp, with everyone's equipment being on an outgoing vehicle.  We led the horses up the hill and to the trailers.  Men transferred equipment to their cars and trucks and when we were ready to go we said our traditional good-byes and left Cedar Creek behind.   It was a good event and a good time to get together again, it was still Cedar Creek, but we escaped without anything being broken or hurt!!!!   Thanks to Virginia Price for the Photos!







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