15 April 2011 Living History at Noble Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina

On the morning of 15 April 2011 at around 0500, Stuart Brandt, Jim Lankford, Mike Rhyne, Joe Slifer and David Stanley got up, dressed and headed to Greensboro, North Carolina to do a Living History Program for Noble Academy.  Ms Linda Stell, a History and Biology Instructor, had done an outstanding job coordinating this effort with David Stanley to present this program for the students of the Academy.  When we had finished our presentations at about 1130 that morning I don't know who had enjoyed it the most, the students or the presenters.  The students were very well behaved and interested in what we were presenting, and interfaced with the "living Historians" with respect and ask great questions.    These students experienced history and we were honored to be the presenters.   I think when you look at the photos below you will agree that "a good educational time was had by all!"  We look forward to being invited back.






Updated on 19 Apr 2011.

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