Living History and Associates Program at Noble Academy

Greensboro, North Carolina

(9 May 2013)


For the second time in the last few years we were invited to provide a Living History Program to over 150 students and teachers at Noble Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina.  LTC  David Stanley (WWII 101st Airborne soldier), Major Geanie Slifer (Korea-Viet Nam Era US Army Nurse), 1SG Joe Slifer (Civil War Federal Artilleryman), Corporal Christopher Moose (Mexican-American War 2nd Dragoon Officer), Corporal Billy Horne (Federal Artilleryman), Private Bobby Allen (Federal Artilleryman), Private Dusty Summers (WWI US Army Infantryman), Private Charlie Auten (Civil War Federal Artillery) and Ms Annette Fornoff (Civil War Civilian in a riding habit) and finally Rebel and Allen (Morgan horses) as themselves provided an outstanding program.   We fired both our 1863 Parrott Rifle and our 1841 Mortar.  We fired the Mortar with Gold's Gym 5 pound exercise balls into a lagoon, much to the delight of the students.  We also fired our BAR and our M1 Garand with its grenade launcher and finally our Barrett 50 Caliber sniper rifle which delighted everyone with its loud report.  Our presentations were more varied than ever before with discussions of the different military weapons in our weapons display, our horses and their military uses, Army nursing and Army hospitalization, Aviation, Birds at War, and Dogs at War.  We had a great deal of interface with the students during the day and we all enjoyed the presentation.

These are some of the photographs we used in our production.  We hope to publish some photos of the actual presentation at a later date.








Updated on 12 May 2013.

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