Persimmon Festival 2012 Colfax, NC

This year’s Persimmon Festival was such a resounding success, that we plan to add Persimmon Festival 2013 to the calendar of events. It will be held on 2 November 2013, excuses save one, talk with ISG Joe Slifer and he can help you with excused absences!  If you missed 2012 you missed a great time of low-key, low-stress community fellowship.  There were approximately 3000 visitors who came this year.  Weather was sunny with a brisk wind.  Bobby and Karen Allen were there. Bobby brought two brightly painted and operational Farmall antique tractors, Karen dressed out in her Civil War attire and worked on her basket and their daughter, Lacy, was also there in period dress.   Stuart Brandt wore the latest of our impressions, WWI Infantry, his son Jeb had an impressive WWII Navy Corpsman uniform and display.   Billy and Janice Horne joined us with Billy in his Civil War Uniform and his wife Janice also in period dress and working on a basket.  SGT John Horvath in Federal Artillery attire finished the Civil War impression.  Dusty Summers was also there in his newly acquired WWI Infantry attire and rounding out the group was David Stanley in his 101st Airborne  Infantry impression.  The 10 pound  Parrott Rifle was the center piece of our weapons display which included 1917 and 1918 air and water-cooled  machineguns, Springfield 1903s, PT 17s, two WWII Sniper Rifles (1903A4 and the M1C), and the collection was rounded out by an 81mm Mortar and a World War 1 era Colt 45.  We also had a list of the “Colfax Area” vets and that drew many positive comments, as did the Memorial with the Garand rifle with bayonet buried in the ground with a pair of empty boots and dog tags.

There were several veterans who were in attendance; one gentleman had been in the 3rd Armored Division in WWII.  He had been in armored infantry so they used halftracks.  A German 88 destroyed it.  His brother was a tanker and had 5 Sherman tanks shot out from under him. 

The veterans, their families and the teachers really enjoyed the displays and the interaction.  One young man knew all the weapons because he used them in the video game, “Call of Glory.”  The BAR got a new name from one of the kids, Battlefield Assault Rifle.  This was a great event, great fellowship and a perfect teaching environment.  The Persimmon Festival attempts to capture the agrarian lifestyle from the 1920 through the 1960s. This is the environment that young men and some young women left to serve their country both in and out of conflict, the True American Heroes.

Thanks to Bobby Allen, Stuart Brandt, John Horvath, and Joe Slifer for help getting our equipment on site!  Can’t do it without these kind of people!!!