Sailor's Creek Reenactment - Sailer's Creek, VA


Sailor's Creek Reenactment
Apr 7-9, 2000

 Article by 1st. Lt. John Stewart

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Reilly's Battery at Sailor's Creek - Apr 00

Tm1 on the MoveMen of the Sailor's Creek Campaign have lived up to the name "Artillerymen". Sailor's Creek was more of an Iron Man contest than anything that we have done up to this time. Men and horses were put to the test. Tm 1Everyone there can be very proud of what they did to show off what horse drawn artillery really can do! Rolling Thunder to be sure!

The rolling hills of Virginia, at times, looked and felt like the mountains of Tibet. When we were asked, "Can you come down this road and give us support?" little did we know that the Grand Canyon was part of the construction features of the road. Along with the mother of all gullies, there was a nice sloping grade into the gully and a steep hill going down to two muddy pools. We made it and then turned around went back the same route. Going to hell is a lot easier than coming back from it. Because of that gully, one horse team had almost an entire ConfedTm1 Firingerate infantry company, from BG Ridge's Palmetto Battalion or General Stepp's Brigade, pushing the gun up the hill. Many thanks to them for their efforts on our behalf.Tm2 Firing

Talk about close-in support! When the Union infantry "lay on arms" so that we could fire over them, it was apparent that they understood the shock effect on the foe looking down the barrel of a cannon and the devastation canister has on them. When columns of infantry moved inches from the horses, and the fighting was just yards away (on three sides)our horses remained calm throughout which shows that they are learning what's expected of them. Actually, the horses stayed more calm than one 1st Lieutenant that I know quite well! I can't say enough about the way our horses handled the tight situations we placed them in. I also can't say enough about how the gun crews and drivers were able to manage those situations with aplomb!

DirectingOur unit should take great pride is knowing that the officers and men we supported were thrilled to work with us. It was the first time the Federal commanding general had had horse-drawn artillery support. He used us most effectively and he and his staff really enjoyed the experience of having us in the battle scenario. At the closing of the battle of Sailor's Creek, When the horses were just too tired out, the Union infantry came down and pushed the guns into the firing line. A hearty thanks to themTactical too!

Between the two days of hark fighting, was some nasty rain, blowing wind, and outright chill which made horse watch rough for our men. A couple of our equine companions got so chilled that they ended up in a trailer to warm up.

Tom Prisk and Mrs. PriceMore and more the reenacting hobby is getting to witness what real artillery was like during the battles. We can be proud of our presentation of the Civil War artilleryman.

1st Lt. John Stewart


Footnote from Capt. David L. Stanley, Cmdg.
CommissaryI echo Lt Stewart's comments of praise. Men and horses did an outstanding job of providing timely artillery support where the Commander wanted and needed it! Gentlemen, this is our job and you have established yourselves as a unit capable of delivering it! I can't help but believe that artillerymen who have preceeded us to the great beyond, while looking down at us, turned to each other and said with pride, "that's the way we did it in the good old days!" I'm proud of you and proud to serve with you! Last and certainly not least I want to thank John and Alys Glaze for the outstanding commissary support - we truly ate well and that warm stew on that cool Sunday morning hit the spot. --


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Ladies Moving Allen May Cpt Stanley and Pvt. Long Campsite Briefing Drivers 1 Drivers 2   Higher  Making Rounds Members Sgt. Ryne and 1st. Lt. Stewart Moving 2 On the Move #1 On the Move #2 On the Move #4 On the Move #5 On the Move #6 On the Move #7 On the Move #8 Pushing Tm1 Prep. Fire Tm1 Firing Van  Watching Fire Tm 1 Tms Ready Tms Ready Tms Await Tms Await Tm2 Moving Gun Tm2 Prep. Tm1 Firing  Tm1 Firing Tm1 Moving Gun Tm2 Firing Tm2 On the Move Tms Firing Tm1 Firing On the Move #3 Battle Scene - 9 Apr 00

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