Revolutionary War Impressions


We have begun "serious" discussions and acquisitions for our "Royal" Revolutionary War Impressions. We hope to show a 17th Light Dragoon Impression as part of our "living history" presentation at the Morgan Horse Show in Raleigh this Spring.

This is a well-researched unit who has rather strict uniform standards that they have evolved to over the years. The Medusa on their helmets is made from a casting of the only known surviving 17th helmet in a museum in France. I 'm developing my impression for this unit and plan to join them in Williamsburg this year (see our event schedule). I expect the total cost, including weapons will be around $3500 - $4000.

We are in the final research phase to develop a 4th Battalion Royal Artillery impression to include a horse-drawn gun. We hope to field both of these impressions in the next three years. Our primary focus will be working with the Guilford Courthouse Battleground Park and other Revolutionary War Sites in the South.
It is currently the 225th anniversary of the year 1776 our target is to be ready for 1779.

Capt. David L. Stanley, Cmdg.
01 Mar 01

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