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5. Guns and Horses. This organization will field horse drawn, full scale artillery pieces only.

    a. Basic Guidelines.

        (1) Draft horses will not be allowed, horse height should between 15 and 16 hands.

        (2) Horse harness will either be the 1847 or 1862 issue. Serviceability will be checked by the Chief of Artillery or his designated representative at each event.

        (3) Guns and limbers must be inspected and cleared for horse drawn service by the Chief of Artillery.

        (4) There will be no riders on the limber during a re-enactment. Rider may be permitted during parades on a case by case basis.

        (5) No guns will be fielded that are not covered under the unit's insurance policy (see Tab I).

    b. Guns to Horses Ratio. Establishing this organization as a horse drawn unit makes it unique from many other units in today's re-enacting:

        (1) Guns will be fielded on a 1:1 or 2:1 ratio to horse teams.

        (2) There will never be more than 2 guns per team of horses at an event.

    c. Gun Components. (These items must meet the specifications set forth in John Gibbon's book "The Artillerist Manuel.")

        (1) Gun. Only full scale guns are allowed. Guns must be manufactured IAW the National Muzzle-loading criteria show at TAB B. The preferred guns are:

        (2) Limber.  The limber will have a pole, pole yoke, pole pad, and tar bucket.

        (3) Limber Box.  The Limber Box will have the following items:

        (4) Gun Carriage.  The Gun Carriage will have the following implements:

        (5) Horses.  Five horses with the appropriate 1847 or 1862 horse equipment.

        (6) Picket line.

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