The "BIG" Week 19-21 May 2011---A work still in progress more photos etc...


Union High School - 19 May 2011

On Thursday morning we embarked on the busiest few days we have had in a long while.  On the 19th of May we conducted our 6th Annual Union High School Historical Demonstration.   We added a few things this year, as we always do. Our new member, Luis Gonzalez, gave a demonstration of the deployment stages of the T-5 Parachute after the Paratrooper steps, jumps, and exits the aircraft.    I think everyone was amazed at how tightly everything was packed and how it all unpacks in an orderly fashion as the paratroopers fall earthward.  Don Collins demonstrated the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) firing....which was loud and attention grabbing.   We took Rebel on stage to talk about the Military Horse and ended the demonstration with our three cannon engaging each other.  Kids were challenged and thrilled with what they saw and it was a privilege to provide this "historical demonstration".  Sandy Horvath discussed the Civil War Lady and her dress and impression which was an asset we have not had there in years. Finally, Nicole Peterson didn't have to dress as a guy this year, we dressed her as a WWII Army Nurse, a role she looked good in!!!!   Thanks for all the support from our guys and gals....Stuart Brandt, James Clark, Don Collins, Luis Gonzalez, John Horvath, Sandy Horvath (as a Civil War Civilian), Jack Page, Mike Rhyne, Joe Slifer, David Stanley, and Dusty Summers.   Nicole Peterson made a great WWII Nurse and I hope I can con her into joining us as a WWII Civilian on occasion...

Photos by CSM Al McKoy USA Retired
Fayetteville Arsenal's Military Through the Ages: A March Through History on 21 May 2011
Many of us supported the Armed Forces Day event at the Fayetteville Arsenal.....we set up an impressive military saddle and weapons include the cannon.   The event was well attended by the public. We got a couple of potential recruits, and some future events...including some partnerships with Col William Washington's Cavalry (Revolutionary War).   We had men and women in impressions that included: Mexican War Dragoons, Civil War Artillery, Indian Wars/Spanish American War, WWII Nurse and WWII Airborne.  We were all treated to witnessing the Harnett Central High School's JROTC Cadets provide the opening ceremony by giving a program on American History through the ages with the Cadets in Uniform for every major conflict....they also brought several military vehicles and the JROTC Booster Club cooked BBQ for lunch.   Thanks to the following guys and gals that supported the effort:  Stuart Brandt, Billy Horne, John Horvath, Sandy Horvath, Jim Lankford, Chris Moose, Ric Morrow, Mike Rhyne, David Stanley and Joyce Stanley.
Photos by Ric Morrow

Photos by Jim Lankford
150th North Carolina Ordinance of Secession & Oak View Historical Park - 21-22 May 2011
Photo by Geanie Slifer
The 150th Anniversary of the NC Ordinance (Joe I think I finally spelled it right:-))  of Secession being signed.    As always the Artillery contributed to the event's overall success and Joe was on TV being interviewed.....thanks to the following folks for attending:  Bobby Allen, Jack Page, Geanie Slifer and Joe Slifer.  Joe took the gun back out to Oak View Historical Park on Sunday and Bobby Allen assisted him in the firing demonstration.

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