What is Living History and Associates – North Carolina/Virginia?



Our Mission is to promote the Legacy of American Military History, by presenting our audiences an array of American Historical vignettes which can include

 the Revolutionary War through current engagements using “Living Historians.”  These historians are experts on the time frames they represent and their

presentation is enhanced by the use of original and/or accurate reproduction uniforms, weapons and other items germane to each time period.  Our audiences

can literally reach out and “touch” the past.  The purpose of using the living historian is to encourage the audience to experience, read and research more on the

topics we present, thus improving basic comprehension of our national history.


Photos and Articles about Living History and Associates
Photos of Our Impressions
Article and Photos from the 26 March 2011 Alamance District Merit Badge College held at Alamance Community College
Article and Photos from the 15 April 2011 Living History Program at Noble Academy in Greensboro, North Carolina








Updated on 19 Apr 2011.

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