Event Schedule - 2007

This is the latest Event Schedule for Reilly's Battery as of 15 Jul 2007.

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2006 Schedule


Date Event Location/Directions Impression

20 Jan 07

Annual Business Meeting w/26th NCT

Raleigh, NC

Annual Business meeting with the 26th North Carolina to be held in the auditorium at the NC Museum of History at Raleigh. Lunch will be catered. Cost $7.50


16-18 Feb 07

Camp of Instruction - Camp Marshall

Walnut Cove, North Carolina

This will be a training event with the whole Legion.  The Marshall family has built a fort with a gun emplacement for us, this looks like it can and will be fun.  We will do a live fire with the guns!


9 Mar 07

Living History for Raleigh Charter High School

Raleigh, North Carolina

We have done this for the last few years for the history class at Raleigh Charter High School.  Plan to meet the students at a location yet to be arranged so we can perhaps show them the saber course and fire the gun.


9-11 Mar 07

New Bern

New Bern, North Carolina

Living History weekend and dedication of 26th NCT Monument on 145th Anniversary of actual battle. Camping on actual battlefield with original earthworks. Portrayal will be CONFEDERATE (Beaufort Plow Boys).


13-15 April 07 Morganton, North Carolina

Recreation of Stoneman’s Raid. More details forthcoming.

18-20 May 07 State Capitol - Raleigh, North Carolina

Living history - static gun

15-17 June 07 Middletown, Virginia "Down the Valley - Jackson Moves North" - the 145th Anniversary battles of Jackson's Valley Campaign. Battles include 1st Kernstown on Saturday and  1st Winchester on Sunday. Strong authenticity focus. To be held on the Cedar Creek Battlefield. CONFEDERATE early war impression (Rockbridge VA Artillery). Website at  http://www.cedarcreekbattlefield.org/  Still working this event with the event organizers. Both
14 July 07 Cartersville, North Carolina Mid-year Planning Meeting with the 26th NCT N/A
4 August 07 Eastover, North Carolina Training and Equipment Maintenance N/A
7-9 Sept 07 Boonsboro, Maryland “September Storm: the Battles of South Mountain & Antietam.” Held on same spot as Monocacy event. Strong authenticity focus. CONFEDERATE (Reilly’s Battery) impression. Website with uniform requirements at: http://www.wmhf.org/septstorm/  THE 145th Antietam event.  Both
28-30 Sept 07 Aberdeen, North Carolina The Malcolm Blue Festival has been a good fund raising event for unit.  I want us to give maximum effort to this event this year.  They have traditionally been a superb money maker for the unit.  Both

12-14 Oct  07

Bentonville, North Carolina

Living History at Bentonville Battleground. To include tours of the battlefields. More information to follow. CONFEDERATE impression TBD.


9-11 Nov 07 Winston Salem, North Carolina Living History at Old Salem. The folks at Old Salem want us back in strength. They have been very nice to us over the past two-three years in letting us use the rooms at either no cost or very little at all. This is a great opportunity to recruit in the area and this being Veterans Day Weekend, they are planning on some serious publicity. Impression BOTH.  We will do a live fire with the guns at Camp Marshall Both
24 Nov 07 Thanksgiving At Colfax Colfax, NC N/A

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