1st Bengal Lancers "Skinner's Horse"


1st Bengal Lancers were formed in India.   In 1900 they shipped to China as part of the China Relief Column to "rescue" the Diplomatic Legations trapped in Peking by a combination of the Boxers and Chinese Imperial Troops.  They fought alongside members of the 6th US Cavalry and when a 6th trooper was unhorsed Lt Gaussen rescued CPL Rasmussen by pulling him up behind him onto his horses.  The 1st Bengal Cavalry also fought alongside a US Artillery Battery Battery F, 5th US Artillery Regiment, Commanded by Capt James Reilly.


Photos from left to right are Lt. Gaussen of the 1st Bengal Lancers rescuing CPL Rasmussen of the 6th Cavalry;  A Sowar (Trooper) of the 1st Bengal Lancers in Peking; The 1st Bengal Lancer's returning from a parade in Peking,  Original photo of the Bengal Lancer officers circa 1900.  A Member of the 1st Bengal Lancers current reenacting Group; .  More reenactor photos to include a wedding party in the Skinner's Horse Chapel in India.   Some additional photos from India and finally elements of the 6th US Cavalry near the Great Wall of China.
Link to their webstie: www.skinnershorse.co.uk

Updated on 18 Jun 2013.


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